leswamp (leswamp) wrote in polyrage,


I was just thinking about how defensive monogamous people can get when they interpret something as a challenge or even a threat to their lifestyle.

Something as simple as a vague poly positive comment along the lines of "poly really works for some people" can set off a tirade about how their monogamous relationship is AWESOME and they LOVE IT and are you implying it isn't and they don't? HOW DARE YOU!

I don't get that. I can say I like strawberry without in fact being part of the secret strawberry agenda to ban chocolate. (Or in this case vanilla?)

Is it me or do folks like the above-described need valium?

Anyway, I'm not saying now or ever that poly is for everyone and that no one should be monogamous ever.

I would never, ever say that.

I will say however that if everyone were poly, God awful movies like Pearl Harbor would never get made.

That's almost worth the secret strawberry agenda membership fees.

Almost. :)
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