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Oh goody!

Sweeping generalizations based on ignorance (and obviously a whole lot of personal insecurity) by yet another bigoted moron.


Where would us polyfolk be without 'em?



Here's what I wrote about this on my own journal.

1st of all, I'd appreciate it if none of you go and flame this ignorant moron's journal. I should not have bothered to write what I wrote.

Now with that request out of the way, I was just thinking how much of an asshole a poly person would have to be to write such smug, arrogant and sweepingly general statements about monogamy. I mean flatulently trumpeting the superiority of their own lifestyle based on a lot of stale suppositions and inaccurate information.

I especially enjoyed this person's absolute assurance that poly is based entirely on sexual greed and shallow desire to use people for same.

Yes. Those of you who know me and my family know all about our hawt sexy furry pr0n factory! Yeeeah baby!

Give me a break.

Seems to me this person has a lot of self esteem issues of their very own and since they can't imagine anyone truly respecting, desiring or valuing them, (perhaps with good reason) they have decided that no one is capable of doing so for anyone else UNLESS within the confines of a societally approved lifestyle format which frowns upon dissolution of same.

Most of all this person has earned my utter scorn for producing twaddle in the same tones and with the same bullshit disclaimers I've seen people preface similarly smug nonsense about homosexuals, blacks and jews.

Bigotry masquerading as intelligent debate.

Same old same old.
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