leswamp (leswamp) wrote in polyrage,

Hell, I see more of that in monogamy-land.

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Your post implies that I am wearing pants.

This is quite an assumption :p
LOL..sorry. :)

I don't think poly people are poly primarily because they can't keep thier pants on, do you?

Some poly people, yes. Certainly not all. It's a better choice than dishonesty but the correlation is not constant.

It's tedious when it's always brought up, but I'd rather the question was asked directly, because then it can be answered. Most people think it anyway, I'd rather the idea was challenged.
To oversimplify: I think "mundania" finds that relationships that could contain a sexual component must - and that the sexual component and emotions caught up in such must ergo be the whole of the basis for the relationship.

I think "generic humans" suck at communications and thus at relationships of any kind. Thankfully "generic humans" are a fiction only found in media and as a basis for Walled-in-mart sizing.