Mitty Magoo (mshrm4me) wrote in polyrage,
Mitty Magoo

aggghhhhh! goddamnit!

i feel myself going slowly insane. this is the story. i invite a friend (M) to live with me. he finds out i am poly. we hang out for a little while. we fall for eachother. so now we are dating and we live together. i also have a fiancee who also lives with me. now M has an x gf (A). i hear nothing good about her before we meet from M so i dont know what to think. i meet her and she strikes me as an idiot. the more i talk to her the stupider i think she is. M decides that he wants A to try to b poly because he loves her and misses her. i tell him i dont think this is a good idea but we will give it a shot. so A repeatedly calls the polyamorus relationship a "fucked up situation" and tells M that she "doesnt think she can do it but she will try". this goes on for about a month. she put forth about a weeks worth of trying in that month. M is feeling insecure in his relationship to A so he asks her if she is his girlfriend and she cant give him a straight answer. she does this to him for about 3 days and i get fed up with her playing with him. he had an argument and told her he didnt want her to talk to him. so i try to reason with her and reword what he said and we get into this huge argument where i tell her that i never want to talk to her again and wind up havin to cuss her out just to get her to leave me alone. this happened last wednesday. last night M tells me that he is upset about my fight with A and thinks i was too harsh and hurtful with her.

i think its a little suspect that he decides he doesnt want to talk to her anymore and then he calls her up and wonders why she doesnt want to talk to him. this is how his description of their relationship was in the first place and that is why i didnt want to get involved.

i love M and wanted nothing more than to protect his feelings... but i cant even do that... it seems to me that he wants that insane toxic relationship more than he wants me.
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