leswamp (leswamp) wrote in polyrage,

"It is immoral because I'm a christian and I say so."

This is not strictly on topic but since it covers the same knee jerk narrow minded stupidity so often encountered in anti poly circles I figured it was worth a vent hereabouts.

So someone on live journal has decided that since she is now christian, all porn is evil and her husband is not allowed to look at any of it.

(IMHO she's just threatened that her husband is looking at people who are subjectively better looking than she is and she's threatened by that and has decided to cloak her insecurities in a mighty veil of moral outrage.)

I told her honestly I didn't buy into her whole fantasy of porn as evil home wrecking monster of immoral-osity. I told her that anything between two or more consenting adults is simply not immoral.

Her argument amounted to "It is immoral because I'm a christian and I say so."

That sort of logic really does not fly with me.

I even went so far as to point out to her that Christ himself took a dim view of judging others.

Boy, did that fall on deaf ears.

As a christian she apparently has the right to judge others at all times, since Christ apparently appointed her the censor for the Earth.

I feel sorry for her husband. He's married to a moron who clearly has no respect for him whatsoever. (Since she's banned him from reading/looking/etc at any and all materials she deems pornographic.)

Then again, if he actually obeys her command, he deserves what he's got. (What is she, his mother?)

Most of all I feel sorry for Christ. All the cretins, psychos and retards flock under his banner. (Or Allah's.)
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