leswamp (leswamp) wrote in polyrage,

Taken in part from my post on bipolypagangeek.

So ljuser kenazf recently posted a link to the bipolypagangeek community. The link was to a daily news article which was highly sensationalistic, (Having to do with illegal distribution of cartoon character costumes and allegations of furry porn) with an overall attitude of "Look at those freaks!" (Those of you familiar with the daily news are not surprised by this sort of content. Lol.)

The vast majority of the extremely cool people on the bipolypagangeek community were sensibly unimpressed with the article and pointed out the small minded foolishness involved in getting so histrionic about what consenting adults choose to do with each other.

IME, people who have terrific insecurities about themselves frequently feel the need to pick on or stigmatize other folks but it seldom makes them feel any better.

Gays, bisexuals, bdsm folk, swingers, furries, you name it. I have seen each one of those groups deride another one of those groups at various points in my life and for what? Different kinks? Different lifestyles?

I can't help thinking that people like that have to grow the fuck up, you know?

How would one go about talking sense to a person like that? Is it even possible?

I'm sure a lot of you have seen this sort of nonsense as well so I figured I'd throw the topic out here for noshing upon. :)

Enjoy! ;)
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