leswamp (leswamp) wrote in polyrage,

"Sexually active with multiple partners."

I've mentioned before on this community how often women's healthcare providers (IME) tend to assume that bi/poly/women are riddled with VD while het monogamous women are pristine.

I mentioned on bipolypagangeek that IMHO one did not have an obligation to tell one's gyn absolutely every detail of one's sexual life.

A number of people took umbrage at this. Am I nuts? I have to tell them EVERYTHING.

No. I really don't think so.

As x-posted from my own lj.

IMHO if you are going to your gyn for a pap smear and birth control you really don't have to get into the whole poly or bi thing. "Sexually active" pretty much covers it. If you are going in for VD testing then again "sexually active" covers it. You can even add "multiple partners" to the description. Poly or bi really does not have to enter into it for accurate testing results based on the information: "Sexually active with multiple partners."

I hate to break it to the "full disclosure" crowd but bisexual women or poly women or gay women or bdsm women or condom using women don't get a different set of blood and labwork than any other sort of woman.

The concept that a gyn needs to know absolutely EVERYTHING about your sex life indicates to me that poly people seriously suffer from the desire to overshare.


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