leswamp (leswamp) wrote in polyrage,


So one of my poly friends has announced that they are off the market because they've found "Miss Right" (Cue fanfare) and while I'm happy if they are happy, I could live without all the livejournal comments their post got. All these bigoted twits crowing about how he's finally seen the monogamous light because as one brainless buffoon felt compelled to say, "That poly thing never works out, even a little."

Yes. Right. Thanks. And the divorce rate is what again?


If my friend had identified as gay til now and proclaimed himself straight I wonder if his lj would be full of the same sort of triumphant stupidity? Oh wait, of course not. That would be wrong...>:P
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yes , your words are so familiar in my head, as are the other peoples words sadly. pha: that you are experiencing this, yea: that you know your right.
When I gently called these folks on their bs they now swear to be untouched in any way by the bigotry fairy. Erm...bullshit. :)