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My final summary on this topic, typed on something other than my blackberry for a change.

(Final post on this with all thoughts sort of summed up.)

So one of my poly friends has announced that they are off the market because they've found "Miss Right"

(The way they did it was also weird. A firm “I am off the market none of you have any chance with me so don’t ask! This is not subject to negotiation!” My experience of poly people does not include poly folks wandering around with their flys down demanding free and open sex from all other members of the poly community.so..er..huh?)

Now I’m happy for my friend if he’s happy and I don’t have a personal stake in whichever lifestyle he decides work best for him.

What I could do without is all the livejournal comments their post got. All these bigoted twits crowing about how he's finally seen the monogamous light because as one brainless buffoon felt compelled to say, "That poly thing never works out, even a little."

Yes. Right. Thanks. And the divorce rate is what again?

Someone else felt the need to say how happy they were that my friend is finally getting to experience how very very “special” it is to be owned and to own someone else in return. (Because um..the love we share with our partners isn’t special. Not at all. In fact in my case there’s nothing special about making a life with 6 loving partners for nearly a decade, nothing whatsoever. Owning another human being though, that’s the pinnacle of human love. Uhh..ok..thanks for that.)

So I can’t help but wonder, If my friend had identified as gay til now and proclaimed himself straight, would these same people be full of the same sort of triumphant stupidity? Oh wait, of course not. That would be wrong. That would be ridiculous and bigoted. But making the same kind of moronic statements about poly, that’s just fine apparently.

Finally, when I pointed out to one of the commentors that sweeping statements about the viability of poly as an alternative lifestyle are as effective and reasonable as sweeping statements about homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle I was petulantly informed that these are "not the same thing."

Really? Last time I looked bigotry and ignorance were the same thing no matter what the subject matter.
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