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Poly Rage


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Just a little space to vent about the bullshit poly folk have to put up with. Such as lack of respect, recognition or acceptance by just about everyone.
Not to mention the endless flow of hypocrisy we get to enjoy, such as the "sanctity" of the Brittany Spears 24 hour monogamous marriage or the societally approved norm of serial monogamy or cheating being upheld as "better" than the way we live.
It goes on and on but this is my 1st draft so bear with me. :)

Membership is moderated to keep out trolls but I don't intend to be an invasive moderator. All members can post freely and I only expect to get involved if folks start fighting in which case I shall break out the ranch dressing hose.


Now it has been suggested to me that I make it perfectly clear right here in the info page what sort of moderator I am. The way this works is much as stated above. I hope to be as hands off as possible. That said, I will deal with trolls and/or other drama as I see fit and it's really not open to debate. Anyone who wishes to debate that sort of thing might do better to make a lj community called "leswampisacrappymoderator" and take it elsewhere.

When I get other folks to co moderate with me the same conditions will apply to them as well.

PS; "How I see fit" will usually mean I ban the offenders and delete the drama.